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Thousands of Creation Resources in Texas

This past Thursday evening through Saturday, I spoke at the homeschool conference in The Woodlands (Houston area), Texas. Over 6,000 people attended various aspects of the conference run by the Texas Home School Coalition, which included keynote presentations, workshops, …

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Dawkins Continues to Suppress the Truth

Richard Dawkins, well-known atheist and author of The God Delusion, recently wrote a promotional letter for the skeptic magazine Free Inquiry. Now, I think it’s important that you see what these atheists are saying about Christianity and the …

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Evolutionists Already Trying to Do “Damage Control”

I encourage you to read the following press release about the new movie Evolution vs. God produced by Ray Comfort of the ministry Living Waters. AiG will host the world premiere of this movie at the AiG Mega Conference later …

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Creation Museum a Threat Down Under?

Well, it looks like there are some secularists who are once again worried about the impact of our ministry! In a recent opinion piece titled “Monkey Business,” which appeared in an Australian newspaper, writer Ian Henschke expressed his …

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The Age of the Earth … and Smoke Detectors!

Well, children’s TV host Bill Nye’s understanding of science is worse than I thought. A few days ago, Bill Nye was interviewed on CNN about the age of the earth (this topic was a hot one in America because of …

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We Love Science

One of the tactics used by those people who vehemently disagree with AiG’s position on God’s Word in Genesis is to try to undermine our integrity by doing things like the following:

  • Talking about creationists and terrorists in the same

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Were You There?

Recently, I wrote a blog item about a young girl who very politely challenged a guide at a NASA exhibit about the supposed billions of years date for a moon rock. See the previous blog post.

Well, we have …

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