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Another Anti-Creation Museum, Anti-Ark Blitz!

Well, it’s on again! When we announced several years ago that the Creation Museum’s construction was moving ahead, secularists attacked our efforts. Well, it’s happening again with the Ark Encounter as it moves ahead! The intolerant secularists have been writing …

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AiG Astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner Presents More Excellent Research

Johnson Observatory Telescopes

In a recent staff meeting, Answers in Genesis astronomer Danny Faulkner briefed the staff on his recent trip to Boston to attend the 224th meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS). Dr. Faulkner runs the Creation Museum’s state-of-the-art observatory and …

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More Kids at the Creation Museum

Dinosaurs in the Doll House

A family from Florida recently sent us some photos as an encouragement to our entire AiG staff. The family’s 10-year-old and 7-year-old children reminisced about their visit to our Creation Museum and wanted to recreate the experience in a unique …

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A Special Anniversary

Melody and Kevin engagement photo

One year after they married, Melody and Kevin of Dayton, Ohio, paid a return visit to the Creation Museum. Why is the museum such a special place for the couple? I’ll let Kevin, who has only been a Christian …

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A Boon to Boone County!

Dr. Arthur Pod inside Dr. Crawley

For your interest, here is a copy of the news release (slightly adapted) that was distributed recently by our local Chamber of Commerce about the impact of the Creation Museum. We are members of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. …

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Fires in the Sky—New Planetarium Show at the Creation Museum


At the Creation Museum, we recently introduced a brand-new planetarium show titled Fires in the Sky. This spectacular show, written by our astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner, deals with the topic of sun-grazing comets. These are comets that pass very …

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AiG Reaches to the Stars!

The lead article on our website today, “Can We See the Surfaces of Stars?” was written by Dr. Danny Faulkner, our astronomer on staff. In today’s main web article, Dr. Faulkner responds to a question we received about whether astronomers …

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The Star of Bethlehem

For the AiG staff meeting yesterday meeting, we all gathered in the Stargazer’s Planetarium to see the program on the Star of Bethlehem. We thought it would be good to remind the staff about what the Bible says concerning this …

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Observing the Observatory Construction

I shared with you two weeks ago that we opened a new high-tech exhibit inside the Creation Museum. In the exhibit, Dr. David Menton can be seen on a video, speaking on the topic of homology, humans, and apes …

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Noah’s Cafe Gets a Facelift

Noah’s Café at the Creation Museum has undergone major renovation to fit more seats and to be more efficient in receiving and completing food orders. Those who have visited previously will be amazed at how big the Café now looks, …

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