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Vanity Fair Writer Snubs Nose at Cincinnati—Again

Recently A.A. Gill, a British writer/commentator who seems to pride himself in his mocking tone when he writes articles/reviews etc., wrote a mocking article on the Creation Museum.  We mentioned this in a recent article on the AiG website …

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“State of the Nation” Satellite Broadcast

We are gearing up for our special video webcast “State of the Nation” to be shown this Tuesday. Here are two items we have been sending out to the media, which will give you something of an overview of …

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Number One Read

We continue to receive tremendous comments about the book Already Gone. We have heard of churches that are changing their entire education program to emphasize more on apologetics and taking a stand on Genesis. It was great to read …

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State of the Nation Address—February 16

Following President Obama’s annual “State of the Union” January 27, 2010, I will offer AiG’s “State of the Nation” speech as a live webcast from the Creation Museum on February 16, highlighting how far the U.S. has wandered from its …

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Christmas at the Creation Museum

Here is the basic text of a news release we sent out this past week to the media—that has something of a little “radical” twist:

With a Live Nativity, Dramatic Actors, Holiday Musicals and a First-Century Bethlehem Village

Once again

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