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More Misrepresentations

Yesterday I wrote about a very positive review of the Creation Museum, and also about people (Christian and non-Christian) who deliberately misrepresent the Creation Museum in their attempts to undermine its Bible-upholding teachings.

Misrepresentations of our ministry are not just …

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Context and “the Rest of the Story”

Recently I wrote a blog post titled “Skeptics Not Telling the Truth.” A few weeks ago, a small group of skeptics had contacted our publicist to obtain free passes to visit the Creation Museum. One of the jobs of …

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Origins and “Child Abuse”

An AiG supporter recently brought to my attention a blog where creationist tours of the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science are referred to by the blogger as “child abuse.” (I’ve blogged about this issue before.)…

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Are “Science” Blogs Really Science Blogs?

On a particular blog post in the past, I commented that many of the so called “science” bloggers (such as PZ Myers from the University of Minnesota, Morris) are mostly expressing their anti-Christian rhetoric, engaging in name calling, and using …

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Bill Nye the Humanist Guy

Many of you have probably heard of the TV program Bill Nye The Science Guythe Emmy-winning PBS children’s program.  There is no doubt that Bill Nye is a great communicator and was (and still is—the programs are still …

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Dinosaurs with Saddles

Whether it is atheist Eugenie Scott (who leads an anti-creation organization called NCSE), PZ Myers (biologist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota–Morris campus), or the author of the book Idiot America, such anti-Christians have mocked the Creation

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