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Broadcasting Truth on 850 Radio Stations

Everybody has questions, and radio provides a great way to reach people with answers while they work, drive, or relax at home. For many years now we’ve been producing a radio program called Answers with Ken Ham. I praise …

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An Update on the Ark Project Live on Crosstalk Today

At 3 PM (ET) today, I will be on the live radio program Crosstalk, with VCY America Network in Milwaukee. The one-hour program will be divided into two segments:

  1. A 30-minute interview with me about the latest attacks against

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Help Us Get Buddy Davis’s Song into the Top 10!

Buddy Davis is a dinosaur sculptor, singer, songwriter, workshop leader, and lecturer on Genesis for kids and adults as part of his ministry at AiG. A number of Buddy’s dinosaurs are featured in the large Dinosaur Den exhibit at the …

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Answers Ambassadors

AiG gets involved in all kinds of outreaches to non-Christians, but we also have a large emphasis on reaching Christians who need to know how to defend the authority of the Bible in our secularized culture. Some of these outreaches …

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Spend Your Summer Vacation in the Smoky Mountains

Looking for a great alternative this year for your family’s vacation, for children and teens as well? Consider joining Answers in Genesis in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee for our family Answers Mega Conference.

Not only will there …

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Radio Interview with Jerry Langford on KSDW 88.9 FM

I was recently interviewed by Jerry Langford on KSDW 88.9 FM promoting the conference in San Jacinto, California, this Sunday and Monday. You may listen to the short interview below:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above)

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On National Radio Tonight!

We just learned that a radio interview I recorded earlier this week will be aired tonight at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time on the nationally syndicated radio program The Steve Deace Show. I was pleased to help play host to …

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I couldn’t help but say “Wow!” when I read about the “Wow!” signal as reported on a Fox News article yesterday. The report stated the following:

If there’s something you’d like to say to aliens, now’s your chance. The Wow!

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An Exciting Two-day Experience

Most guests who come to our Creation Museum are surprised at how big the place is. And when they realize there are also many things to do outside the museum on the beautiful grounds (such as visiting our petting zoo), …

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Over 10,000 in Minnesota

Over 10,000 people (including over 4,000 at the two school assemblies) attended the sessions Sunday through Monday at the AiG conference held at Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota (near Minneapolis).

We rarely experience such support as we received from …

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