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We Need to Respond to Atheist Propaganda!

Christianity is under attack: We need to respond to atheist propaganda! I have written a new article on this topic.

Did you notice how so many atheists on my public Facebook page were very upset last night? It was because …

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It’s a Battle Between Worldviews!

A study conducted by a group of University of Alabama researchers has been making its way around the Internet, so I wanted to comment on it. This study highlights that the creation/evolution controversy is really a worldview-based battle.

This study …

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Does Religion Make You More Moral?

A recent news article boldly proclaims, “It’s Official: Religion Doesn’t Make You More Moral.” The article claims that “a recent study in Science aimed at uncovering how we experience morality in our everyday lives suggests that religious people are no …

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Nobel-Winning Scientists Push for Ban of Creation in Scottish Schools

I have emphasized over and over that we are in a war and the battle is for the hearts and minds of our kids and news coming out of Scotland only confirms this.

Scientists with the Scottish Secular Society are …

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“Popular (Evolution) Science”

Creation Museum member Bob Worstell shared something interesting with us recently. About 55 years ago, he subscribed to the magazine Popular Science but soon stopped. A few weeks ago, Bob thought he would subscribe again to Popular Science, and …

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The Consequence of Compromise

One of AiG’s opponents wrote this last week in regard to his opposition to the life-size Noah’s Ark project:

I am openly anti-Christianity, anti-Islam, anti-Judaism, and anti- you name a religion, because I am openly an anti-theist. Religion, as the

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A Prayer of Death in the Religion of Death

Would you believe me if I told you there were people who were praying—yes, praying—that God would help them to murder children? I’m sure you would be horrified at such a suggestion and say that this could not be so—but …

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Religious Freedom Under Threat

Recently I wrote a blog post about a German homeschool family that has asked for asylum in the USA—but the current administration is opposing the request by the Romeike family. Sadly, the arguments the American administration is using could be …

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“For This They Willfully Forget … ”

Before I get into my main topic for today’s blog post, I wanted to direct you to our lead article on the website today about “flat-faced early humans.” Maybe you have already across the recent claim—which appeared in many major …

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Christian Leader Agrees There Isn’t “One True Christian View on Evolution”

Yesterday, I presented part one of a two-part presentation called “Already Compromised” at AiG’s “Apologetics Mega Conference” here in northern Kentucky. In part one of this talk, I gave (what shocked many people) specific examples of how evolution and millions …

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