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The Fugitive for Faith—The New Film Persecuted

Some AiG supporters have been asking if we would be commenting on a film that releases nationwide this afternoon titled Persecuted. One of our staff members saw a preview of Persecuted last night, and has filled me in on it.…

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Cosmos—Preaching Evolutionary Ideas, Not Science

Many of you have heard about or even watched the new Cosmos TV series hosted by evolutionist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, a medical doctor and AiG writer, has written a detailed review  of each of the 13 episodes …

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False Accusations Deliberately Spread

Secularists critique (often with ad hominem attacks) just about everything we write about at AiG. But because we dared write detailed (and well-thought-out and researched) reviews of the ardently atheistic evolutionary Cosmos TV series they’re so enamored by, they make …

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Who Is Really Fuming?

Recently AiG started a section on our website called “Creation Debate.” As we say on the Creation Debate page,

“Creation Debate” is AiG’s ongoing examination of how, from the book of Genesis, the Bible’s authority speaks with relevance

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Don’t Miss the World Premiere of the Startling Film Evolution vs. God at the Answers Mega Conference!

If you thought Ray Comfort’s 180 movie was a powerful message for the sanctity of life and the gospel, wait until you see his latest film offering. Evolution vs. God will rock the creation and evolution world!

I’ve previewed it, …

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Rave Reviews

AiG has been receiving rave reviews for various resources it has produced. I wanted to highlight two of the resources and encourage you to watch a short video.

  1. The award-winning Foundations DVD series (12 videos 30 minutes each of my

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Syndicated Radio Host Endorses Already Compromised Book

Janet Mefferd is the host of a radio program called (not too surprisingly) The Janet Mefferd Show. It’s a nationally syndicated program on 100 stations that looks at news and events of our day through the lens of the …

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Beware of What Is Not Said

Recently, a grandfather purchased a children’s book on Noah’s Ark for his grandchild. He thought the book could be trusted because the author is associated with a generally conservative Lutheran denomination. (In fact, we do have some great friends in …

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New York Times Review Fails to Recognize Poor Scholarship

Recently, two AiG staff members reviewed a book entitled The Anointed, co-authored by a writer who is well known for compromising the pagan religion of millions of years and evolution with God’s infallible Word.

I wrote the following in …

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Already Compromised

Today’s item is a guest blog post by AiG board member Tony Biller. Tony (an attorney) wrote a review of our book Already Compromised.

“…what they don’t know is that, like the secular schools they wish to avoid, and

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