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How to Deal with the Homosexual War

The Homosexual War

The Homosexual War—A Great New DVD by Todd Friel

One of the defining issues of our day is homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.” More and more states are giving in to the pressure to legalize gay marriage, and secularists continue …

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What Is a Hillsong NYC Pastor Missing?

Hillsong, the church founded in Sydney, Australia, by Brian and Bobbie Houston, now has an offshoot church in the USA—in New York City. It was founded by Carl Lentz and Joel Houston.

I was saddened to hear recent comments by …

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Censored Duck and Boiled Ham

What has the popular TV program Duck Dynasty got to do with boiled ham? Well, there is a connection between a censored Duck Dynasty star and Ken Ham!

As I’m sure most of you are aware, Duck Dynasty star Phil …

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United Methodist Church Ministers Support Same-Sex “Marriage”

A fundamental shift is happening in America. The authority of God’s Word is being eroded in this once-Christian nation, and even professing Christians are calling sinful behaviors acceptable. A recent report from a Philadelphia news site declared, “Methodist ministers defy …

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Warning All Churches

Over this year, there have been a number of news reports on another movement in the church advocating for the acceptance of homosexual behavior and same-sex relationships. Matthew Vines, an openly homosexual 23-year-old student at Harvard University, posted a video …

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The Stand Against the Bible’s Teaching on Marriage—Coming from Parts of the Church!

Last week, the compromise happening in many mainstream denominations and among many professing Christians on homosexual behavior was given a very public platform. On September 4, the NALT Christians Project was launched, asking professing Christians to submit videos of themselves …

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Intolerance Against Christians from Gay Activists

Christians continue to be negatively affected by the homosexual rights movement. Recently, a Christian-owned bakery called Sweet Cakes by Melissa announced that they would be closing their doors because of the backlash they received after refusing to bake a cake …

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Supreme Court Defies God’s Clear Teaching on Marriage

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5–4 to strike down the key elements of the Defense of Marriage Act and deemed them as unconstitutional. In another 5-4 vote, Justices ruled that a federal judge’s decision to strike down the California …

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Should Christians Not Judge Others?

We live in a world that increasingly strives to (supposedly) promote the idea of tolerance, but actually becomes intolerant of Christian absolutes as it does so. Whether it involves religion, behavior, or human sexuality, there is a growing anti-Christian sentiment …

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eHarmony Compromises on Same Sex “Marriage”

Many of you have probably heard of the online dating site eHarmony. The cofounder, Neil Clark Warren, describes himself as a “passionate follower of Jesus,” and eHarmony initially only provided its services to heterosexual people. After a legal battle, eHarmony

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