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Your Work Is Making a Difference

It is good to be reminded of the tremendous amount of positive feedback we receive at AiG, for which we praise the Lord.

Here is a letter received this past week:

Hello! My husband … and I just wanted to

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KGB Visits the Museum—But Not Under Cover!

Football fans will recognize the initials of KGB, which represent the well-known defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila—who played for several years with the NFL’s Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin. He spent two days here with his wife and children at our …

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Archaeology and the Bible

I wanted to let you know more about a biblical archaeology ministry called ABR (Associates for Biblical Research).  ABR exists to use the field of archaeology to confirm the historical accounts of the Bible, including the Old Testament. Here is …

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Packed Tight at Creation College

It was a thrill to see the auditorium packed for the opening night of Creation College 3 here in northern Kentucky (and near Cincinnati)—the week-long conference of Answers in Genesis that began last night. Around 1,200 people crammed into the …

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TBN to Promote Genesis Compromise and Undermine Biblical Authority

Many of you will be familiar with the organization Reasons to Believe, headed up by Dr. Hugh Ross. Hugh Ross is known in Christian circles for compromising secular ideas, such as the big bang, billions of years, etc., with the …

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