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Speechless and Convicted

Just a thank you . . . for organising an excellent Mega conference this weekend. My wife and I were speechless by the end of the three days and left very much convicted and encouraged.

The above was in an …

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Meet a Famous Creation Scientist at Camp Infinity!

Dr. Raymond Damadian

My involvement with Answers in Genesis has resulted in meeting many interesting people. One of them is Dr. Raymond Damadian, who in 1969 demonstrated to the world that magnets can be used to scan human tissue …

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Unique Science Camp

I’m happy to share a one-of-a-kind youth camp with you that’s coming to our northern Kentucky area this summer called Camp Infinity. Ci, as it’s called, combines teaching in science and technology with a strong creation-apologetics focus.

Founded by …

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Conspiracy Theories Abound

Since the tickets to the debate with Bill Nye and me sold out just two minutes after being offered yesterday, many secular bloggers and people commenting on their blogs have referred to this quick ticket sell-out with all sorts of …

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Keeping Up with Technology

Can you imagine talking to the apostle Paul and saying something like, “I bought my wife a Kindle, and I have an iPad with a Kindle app, so we can download books and read them whenever we need to. I …

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I Am Not Ashamed in USA Today

The first of a series of three advertisements appeared in yesterday’s largest U.S. newspaper to announce the launch of the “I am not ashamed” campaign. We have had previous blog posts and articles about this campaign on our …

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The Good News and the Bad News

The Good News: We believe well over 100,000 people tried to log on last night—on either American Family Radio’s website or AiG’s website—to view our special  “The State of the Nation” address.

The Bad News: So many people …

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