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Textbook Misleading Many Seminary and Bible College Students

Recently, AiG researcher and speaker Dr. Terry Mortenson wrote a blog post on a textbook written by a well-known evangelical theologian—a book that is sadly misleading so many evangelical seminary and Bible college students today. I thought it important to …

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AiG Reaches Out to Bible Scholars

Just this week, my research assistant Steve Golden and AiG speaker/researcher Dr. Terry Mortenson attended the meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS). Now, this is a yearly gathering of hundreds of prominent Bible scholars and church leaders—and most of …

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The Smithsonian—An “Evolution Museum”

It’s always encouraging to me when I receive letters of support about our ministry at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. Recently, I received a letter from a family who had toured the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. Their …

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Comet ISON—Coming Soon!

Answers in Genesis began a new web banner campaign recently to encourage people to view Comet ISON as its orbit brings it closer to earth. The campaign banner reads, “Comet ISON—Evidence of a Young Universe.”

If everything goes as most …

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From Arizona to the Middle East

Many of my recent thoughts about AiG’s various outreaches have been revolving around what is happening globally. This is not only because I am out of the country and in Australia to visit family (I also spoke in a Queensland …

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The Importance of Public Lectures

During my time away in Australia, I have asked certain staff to supply me with reports on their ministry outreaches. One of our most active speakers (and researchers) is Dr. Terry Mortenson, whose PhD is in the history of …

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Intolerant Academic

James McGrath is an Associate Professor in the Religion and Philosophy department at Butler University, Indiana. He has written a number of scathing blog posts against me and Answers in Genesis.

Now, we are reminded time and time again by …

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Children’s Ministry Conference—Last Chance to Save

This is the last opportunity to receive a discount to attend our practical Children’s Ministry Conference,  March 15–16 (Friday–Saturday), here at the Creation Museum. This is a must conference for all children’s ministry leaders and workers. I call it “hands-on, …

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National Speaking Opportunities—Missouri and South Carolina

It seems like I’m traveling more than ever in 35 years of speaking ministry. The opportunities to present the important creation/gospel message are increasing. A part of that rise is due to the popularity of our Creation Museum, which draws …

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Reaching Out to ETS

Recently, Steve Ham (senior director of Outreach) and Dr. Terry Mortenson (AiG speaker and researcher) travelled to California to have a booth at the ETS (Evangelical Theological Society) annual meeting. Steve sent me the following report:

Dr. Terry Mortenson and

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