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Poll Shows Nazarene Scholars Embracing Evolution

Now, I’ve known for some time that the state of the Nazarene church on the issue of origins has not been very good. Sadly, more and more scholars at Nazarene colleges and universities have voiced their support of evolution and/or …

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BioLogos Funds Projects to Undermine the Authority of the Word

The BioLogos Foundation is committed to trying to get the church to reconcile evolution with the Bible. In 2012 BioLogos offered grants through their Evolution and Christian Faith program to people who wanted to produce “new resources and opportunities to …

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CBN News Gives Fair Coverage of Ark Encounter

Ark Encounter

As many of you already know, CBN TV founder Pat Robertson does not agree with AiG’s approach to the Genesis account of creation. Robertson doesn’t believe in a young earth or that the book of Genesis is fully literal history. …

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Many Nazarenes Helping Evolution’s Destructive Effects

Recently, the prominent theistic evolution group BioLogos published the testimony of Daniel Hamlin, who writes for Nazarenes Exploring Evolution. (I’ve blogged about this group before.) Now, many Nazarene universities have given in to the compromise that has swept so …

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Never-ending List of Christians Who Compromise

There is an ever-growing list of Christian leaders (including Christian scholars) who compromise God’s Word in Genesis by accepting fallible ideas such as evolution and millions of years.

Why do biblical creationists oppose evolution? Well, I would say that it’s …

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“Test of FAITH”—Well Named? A Warning!

As time goes on, I notice that it’s not just secularists who are trying to win the hearts and minds of our children to their unbiblical beliefs. Sadly, even professing Christians who have compromised with evolution and millions of years …

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Compromise Being Spread

It is sad to see that as the ministry of AiG has grown in influence and the plethora of creation apologetics resources has grown and been blessed by God, we have also seen an increase in the number of leaders …

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Intelligent Design Is Not Enough

No doubt you have heard of the Intelligent Design movement. This is not a Christian movement but is made up of a group of scientists and other academics who are against naturalism and teach that there is some “designer” behind …

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Christian Leader Agrees There Isn’t “One True Christian View on Evolution”

Yesterday, I presented part one of a two-part presentation called “Already Compromised” at AiG’s “Apologetics Mega Conference” here in northern Kentucky. In part one of this talk, I gave (what shocked many people) specific examples of how evolution and millions …

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Maligned by Ken Ham?

Compromising Nazarene Professor Wants Unity around Man’s Word Not God’s Word

Karl Giberson, professor at Eastern Nazarene College and vice president of the extremely liberal BioLogos Foundation has written an article on the BioLogos website about the new book he …

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