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Jesus Unmasked Will Silence Any Bible Critic

Todd Friel is a dear friend to me and to our ministry here at Answers in Genesis. I am a fan of his work and appreciate his bold stance regarding the authority and inerrancy of Scripture. Todd recently released a

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Answers Mega Conference in Southern California—“Early-Bird” Discount Ends Soon!


Spring is in the air—and it’s time to plan your summer vacation!

Please join me, many of our staff, and special guests for our 2014 Answers Mega Conference for the family, “Creation to the Cross.” This year, …

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How to Deal with the Homosexual War

The Homosexual War—A Great New DVD by Todd Friel

One of the defining issues of our day is homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.” More and more states are giving in to the pressure to legalize gay marriage, and secularists continue …

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You Can Join Us in California in 2014

Winter is definitely here in northern Kentucky, and as the snow and winter weather is setting in across America, it’s a great time to think about sunny days in beautiful southern California.

You see, the 2014 Answers Mega Conference will …

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Listen In to the Answers Conversation

Since we began the free Answers Conversation podcast series earlier this summer, many people have commented on how helpful these conversations are to them. Featuring our team of experts, this series has already dealt with a great variety of subjects, …

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Hundreds of Families Attend Mega Conference

We started our national conference last night—the Answers Mega Conference—in Sevierville, Tennessee, located in the foothills of the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. We held our national conference here three years ago, and people raved about the great family things …

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West Virginia Conference

Yesterday, we returned from a conference in West Virgina. Dr. Georgia Purdom (a last-minute substitute for an ill Dr. David Menton), Todd Friel, and I spoke at the Civic Center Auditorium in Charleston. Then Todd and I spoke at …

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Out of the Mouths of Humans . . .

If you have never seen this video clip (and provided you can stomach watching the dissection of an animal), you will be fascinated by the remarks of this scientist as he explains the internal workings of a giraffe.  But then …

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