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Answers Conversation, Sanctity of Life, and Zip Lines

Today we have a mix of topics, but they are all a part of what we do at AiG.

Answers Conversation and the Sanctity of Life

Over the past month, many people have been blessed by listening to our new …

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God Is Good

It’s time to share one of the many positive testimonies we receive on a regular basis. AiG speaker and writer Dr. Tommy Mitchell shares with us today:

Several months ago, I met a wonderful couple at a conference in Mississippi.

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What Is the “Principal Goal of Atheism?”

I’m sure most of you will remember the person behind a U.S. Supreme Court case in 1963 that resulted in a ruling that ended Bible-reading in public schools in America—Madalyn Murray O’Hair. She went on to found the American Atheists. …

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Away to the UK

Popular AiG speaker Dr. Tommy Mitchell is soon going to the UK (United Kingdom) for a speaking tour. He sent me the following item to post about the upcoming UK events:

Answers in Genesis is an international ministry. It has

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Thousands Attend AiG Conference in Modesto

Many thanks go to Pastor Rick Countryman, senior pastor of Big Valley Grace Community Church in Modesto, California, for inviting AiG to this growing, dynamic church to conduct an AiG conference these past three days. It is rare to find …

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A Burden to Serve in Bible Translation

I thought it would be good today to highlight a special graduate. Answers in Genesis speaker and writer Dr. Tommy Mitchell and his wife Liz (who also writes for AiG) recently were thrilled to attend the graduation of their daughter …

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How Does an Atheist Cope with Emotional Personal Issues?

Michael Shermer, well-known atheist and publisher of Skeptic magazine, wrote a guest column on Wednesday in the national newspaper USA Today on the so-called “empty nest syndrome.”USA Today—with an anti-Christian, anti-creationist column that appeared Monday—is committed to running …

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Back from Europe

AiG’s Mike Riddle returned from the UK last week after a speaking tour as part of the outreach of AiG UK. As a veteran and a Marine, he wanted to visit nearby Normandy (a province in France) to pay tribute …

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New Animatronic Noah at the Creation Museum

As part of the children’s interactive museum experience that we call the “knee-high museum” inside our Creation Museum, our new animatronic Noah has been installed. There is much more to be done in building a set around Noah, but …

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Premiere of a New Creationist Film

Over the weekend, we were honored to introduce the new film The Mysterious Islands at its Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky premiere. While I was out of town, Mark Looy, our CCO, spoke to about 1,500 people who turned out to see this …

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