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“World’s First Atheist TV Channel”

Atheists are increasingly becoming more active and intentional in preaching their religion of godlessness. I’ve always found it fascinating how they think their purpose is to impose their message that there is no purpose onto people!

Their newest preaching endeavor …

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Are You Crazy?

Well, according Andrew Sullivan, if you don’t believe in evolution, you are “crazy.”

See the following description, which was taken from Wikipedia (understanding the limitations of this site—not necessarily accurate or truthful):

Andrew Michael Sullivan … is a British author,

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More Intolerance

Well, it seems that many secularists will never quit trying to make a mockery of God’s Word. The BBC in the UK has started airing a new documentary TV show called Conspiracy Road Trip. Each show has a theme, and …

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Three Video Crews Here in One Day!

Even though the Creation Museum has been open more than five years, film crews from around the world continue to visit and film. On some days it can be a TV news team that has flown here from Japan to …

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On Two Major TV Programs—From Down Under to Canada

We found out yesterday about two television interviews with me in two countries.


I was interviewed on the very popular 100 Huntley Street program. Among other things, The New Answers Book and Answers magazine are promoted. This program has …

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Three Film Crews at the Creation Museum

Over four days recently, a film crew for the Samuel L. Collins live-action video series was at the Creation Museum. Each episode features this 15-year old young man as he explores the world and sees it through the eyes …

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AiG and the NRB

As God has been growing AiG’s “media” ministries—especially our radio, TV, and web outreaches—we’ve become increasingly involved in the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) group. NRB is a trade association with over 1,000 ministry members, including most of the top conservative …

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