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What Are You Going to Believe?

I asked AiG board member Tony Biller to write a guest blog post for today.  It’s titled ‘’What are you going to believe?” As many Christians will have the opportunity to share something about my Tuesday evening evolution/creation debate with …

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Putting Hands Where Our Head and Heart Are Directed

Everyone who knows Answers in Genesis recognizes that we believe if people can hear the gospel presented in the context of biblical history, it will help them to truly understand not just what the gospel is but why they need …

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Burdened to Share the Gift

I hope you will have a blessed Christmas!

One of our family traditions at Christmas, as we freely give gifts to our close family and friends, is to remind each other of the free gift of salvation in Christ.

And …

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More on Our Outreach to Spanish Speakers!

Last weekend, AiG had a booth at the Cincinnati Hispanic Fest—held about a 20-minute drive from our northern Kentucky offices and Creation Museum. As I reported on Monday, staff and volunteers passed out a lot of literature, including free …

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Totally New App Launched Today—with iPhone, Android, and Web Versions

I have an exciting announcement. The new Answers in Genesis mobile application is now available! Our web team has worked incredibly hard on this app to bring you some great resources. Below I have shared the article that our team …

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Creation Apologetics in the Philippines

It was thrilling to receive this email from one of the pastors, Jan, who attended AiG’s International Training Seminar (ITS) week of apologetics study earlier in the year. He writes the following from the Philippines:

I thank the Lord every

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Creative Begin Project

Magazine Staff Congratulated

At lot has been happening at AiG while I have been away.

I have been gone for the past few days (I’m in California), but I was still able to participate at yesterday’s AiG staff chapel. We …

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You Can Witness at the Olympics—Don’t Miss the Trip of a Lifetime!

This booklet, in several languages, will be distributed by the tens of thousands at the London Olympics this summer.

Have you ever dreamed about taking a foreign mission trip?

Have you ever dreamed about attending the Olympic Games?

Have you …

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