Lots of Opportunities in Artesia, New Mexio

This blog is written by Lesley, Mike’s wife. I travel with Mike on almost all of his speaking engagements. He asked me to tell you about our trip to Artesia, New Mexico, last week. We arrived on Friday night, January 29, after having to re-book flights due to weather (that happens sometimes), and met Linda and Bill Greenhaw, longtime supporters of Answers in Genesis, as well as Pastor Rick and Carol Sullivan. That was the start of a week of great fellowship and four trips to one Mexican restaurant that we really enjoyed. If you have ever been around Mike, you know that he loves hot food.

On Saturday Mike taught his 20th Teacher Training class at First Baptist Church in Artesia with 41 students attending. It is an all-day class that helps students learn to teach creation from a biblical worldview. On Sunday he spoke twice in the morning and again in the evening. On Monday through Wednesday, First Baptist sponsored a lunch each day for business and lay people, during which Mike got to teach even more. Then there were also two lectures each night. We appreciate Pastor Rick and his staff for giving the people of Artesia so many opportunities to hear the truth of God’s Word from the very first verse.

We had several testimonies from people who had never thought about biblical creationism as truth. The common response was, “When I heard the part about no death before sin, I was convinced.”

Next we are off to Columbia, South Carolina. I will report on that trip next week.