From Paris to London Via the Chunnel

On March 1, Mike and I traveled to London on a very fast train (150 miles per hour) that went in a tunnel under the English Channel called the chunnel. Paul Taylor, Senior Speaker for the UK and Europe AiG, met us at the train station and we immediately drove to the Genesis/Revelation TV studios for an interview with Gordon Pettie that was broadcast all over the UK for a week.

On Tuesday, March 2, we had a wonderful day of sight-seeing in London with Paul. We went to the British Museum and specifically focused on the exhibits that referred to the Old Testament.

There were reliefs from Nineveh showing the Assyrians’ victory at Lachish (700-692 BC). They depicted the Judaean prisoners taking their goods and animals into exile. We saw many other exhibits, but I will show you two that Mike especially liked.

The first is the Flood Tablet. The caption says: “This is perhaps the most famous of all cuneiform tablets. It is the eleventh tablet of the Gilgamesh Epic, and describes how the gods sent a flood to destroy the world. Like Noah, Utnapishtim was forewarned and built an ark to house and preserve living things. After the flood he sent out birds to look for dry land.”

The Flood Tablet

We saw the Rosetta Stone but did not get a very good picture, so instead I’m putting in the Taylor Prism. Its caption reads: “This terracotta foundation record, named after a previous owner, lists the campaigns of the Assyrian king Sennacharib. It begins with his accession in 705 BC until the start of his final war against Babylon and includes a description of the tribute received from Hezekiah, king of Judah, in 701 BC. (691 BC from Nineveh)”

The Taylor Prism

We felt encouraged to see the Bible being verified right there in the British Museum! We’re so thankful to Paul Taylor for escorting us around. We started our speaking portion of the tour on Wednesday, March 3. I will tell you about that tomorrow.