Ringwood and Poole, England

On Wednesday, March 3, we left London for the south of England and our first two meetings. Paul Taylor, our fearless driver and guide, asked if we wanted to leave early and stop by Stonehenge. Of course we said yes, so we got up at the crack of dawn (not really) and arrived at the stones early. We were surprised that the road goes right next to the site. It was very cold, and we were the first ones to enter the area. We enjoyed seeing this monument we had heard so much about.

Mike and Lesley at Stonehenge

That evening we had our first event. Kings Church sponsored the evening, and we met at the Ringwood Methodist church. There was a nice group of people, and Mike spoke on “Is Evolution Possible?” It is a talk that shows evolution is impossible by using probability and design in God’s amazing creation. We want to thank Ken Turner for organizing this event.

Ringwood, England

On Thursday, March 4, Mike spoke on the topic of apologetics. We met at Parkstone Christian Centre in Poole, Dorset, England. Pastor David King arranged the meeting. He is the pastor of Vine Christian Fellowship. There were several people who had come on the night before who came again to hear more. That was an encouragement to us. We stayed with David and Linda King and had a wonderful home-cooked English dinner (or locally called “Tea”). Afterward, we had “pudding.” If you have never been to England, you need to know that pudding basically means dessert—so we learned something new. We were expecting vanilla or chocolate pudding, but instead had a wonderful fruit crisp.

Parkstone Christian Centre, Poole, Dorset

On Friday we flew to Glasgow, Scotland. I will post more on that in a couple of days.