On Friday, March 5, AiG’s Paul Taylor of the UK took us to Southhampton, England, to catch a plane to Glasgow, Scotland. Paul then drove back to Leicester, the home base for AiG–UK. Then our new driver, guide, and friend, Gary Burchnall, drove the van to Glasgow and arrived later that evening. Gary works in the AiG office primarily as the person who answers the phone and such, but we came to learn that they all do whatever needs to be done regardless of what their role is.

When we got to Glasgow, Gavin Chittick, a pastor at Bridge Christian Fellowship in Erskine, Scotland, took us to lunch by a most beautiful lake with a famous song—so we got to eat by the “Bonnie, Bonnie Banks of Lock Lomond.”

Mike and Gavin at Lock Lomond

Then we had the pleasure of going to dinner with Lucien Tuinstra, an ardent AiG supporter and creationist. Lucien was born in the Netherlands and is now working in Glasgow. On Saturday morning, Lucien took Mike, Gary, and me to see Stirling Castle, which was first mentioned in history in the 12th century. Mary, Queen of the Scotts, was crowned there in 1543.

Stirling Castle

We also visited the Wallace monument which was erected in 1869 to honor Sir William Wallace. If you saw the movie, Braveheart, you know the Hollywood version of how Wallace fits into Scottish history.

Wallace Monument

On Saturday evening, Mike spoke at Bridge Christian Fellowship in Erskine, Scotland, close to Glasgow. His talks were: “Four Power Questions to Ask an Evolutionist” and “Thinking Biblically about Dinosaurs.” There was a small but wonderful group of people who were excited to hear the truth of God’s Word.