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Día Latino Attendance Doubles for 2014!

Recently, Answers in Genesis’s Worldwide Outreach and the Creation Museum celebrated the great success of their second annual Día Latino. The first Día Latino celebration took place on November 2, 2013, and the museum was pleasantly surprised to receive approximately 400 Spanish-speaking guests. This year, we prayed and planned for more, and the results were simply outstanding!

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AiG’s VBS Provides Half a Million Meals for Starving Children

With the help of the eager 2014 Vacation Bible School (VBS) students, more than 500,000 meals and more than 900,000 gospel tracts have been provided to children around the world. It is truly our hope at Answers in Genesis to provide real and tangible help and gospel hope to every human in need. Each year, the AiG VBS curriculum includes an important missions moment, and for our 2014 International Spy Academy VBS mission project, we partnered with Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) to raise money to feed hungry children around the world. The VBS children were encouraged to put their faith into action by raising funds so that those who have very, very little would be able to have a nutritious meal—a meal that costs only 25 cents! This means that one dollar will feed four children. We also encouraged churches to take up offerings for CHF. Many of the churches that used our VBS curriculum jumped on board, and we are excited about the results of this endeavor! To get an exact number of provided meals to date through the VBS Mission Project, you can visit the mission project website. What an amazing example of faith in action.

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AiG Partnership Helps Ebola Victims

As the death toll in West Africa increases every day due to the spreading Ebola outbreak, Answers in Genesis has partnered with other ministries to send food, medicine, and—most importantly—the gospel to some of the world’s poorest and most desperate people.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Eh?

As Canada celebrates Thanksgiving today, we are privileged to introduce Avery Foley, who is not only one of our gifted writers at Answers in Genesis, but a lady who has her roots firmly planted in Canada. Happy Thanksgiving from the Answers Worldwide team to all of our Canadian readers! We pray you’re encouraged by this guest post from Avery:

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Support Dia Latino at the Creation Museum

Día Latino

This Saturday, October 11, is Día Latino at the Creation Museum! As part of the Answers in Genesis Worldwide Outreach ministry, we are pleased to announce our second annual Día Latino as an outreach effort to the Spanish-speaking community in the United States.

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Lots Happening at Answers Worldwide!

Steve Ham and Joe Owen

Steve Ham and Joe OwenLast week at staff meeting, Steve Ham (director of Answers Worldwide Ministry) and I (Hispanic/Latin Ministry manager) gave an update on the Spanish outreach. After only 14 months since the Answers Worldwide ministry launched an effort to minister to the Spanish-speaking community in the U.S. and throughout the 21 Spanish-speaking countries, we stand amazed at what God has done and what it seems He is preparing for the future. In this time, we have had multiple international conferences in Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Honduras as well as local conferences in Georgia, California, Washington, and Tennessee. Last month, while Answers in Genesis (USA) held its yearly Mega Conference in Costa Mesa, California, we also had the opportunity to hold a series of conferences in Spanish in San Diego, Oceanside, and Costa Mesa, and in Ensenada, Mexico. The response was just as amazing as it was encouraging. During this time, we had the honor of partnering up with such wonderful brothers as Miguel Esparza, director of Spanish ministry for The Way of the Master and Living Waters, and Jaime Simán, an engineer who is currently a Calvary Chapel pastor in California, but who also teaches biblical creation throughout Latin America as director and founder of ELVELA ministries (El Verbo Para Latino América—The Word/Logos for Latin America).

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Providing Meals and Hope Throughout the World


Last week we had the privilege of making a major announcement at the AiG Mega Conference in Costa Mesa, California. I’ll tell you about that in a moment, but first let me share a bit of background. You see, one of our ministry partners at the conference was Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF). Last year we commenced a strategy with CHF and the Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) to deliver Answers in Genesis tracts along with food packages to people in need in many different countries around the world. We have been so encouraged to see how CHF and SGA have partnered with local churches in reaching out to people with help and hope in this much needed mercy ministry.

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Russian and Ukrainian Visitors

Antonyuk and Omelchenko

Many supporters of the Answers in Genesis ministry are aware of the translation of Ken Ham’s Foundations DVD set into Russian two years ago. Since that time thousands of these DVD talks have been replicated and distributed through many Russian-speaking countries. This Russian translation was possible because of our partnership with our great friends at the Slavic Gospel Association.

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A United Effort to Reach into the Spanish-Speaking World

Latin Day 2013

On October 11 we are going to have our second Latin Day in the Creation Museum. In one year of focused ministry to the Latin community we have seen God do so much in the lives of so many people. Before we give you the exciting details of the next Creation Museum Latin Day, join us in a quick journey of looking at God’s goodness to us so far.

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Giving Biblical Answers in Honduras

Steve Fazekas and Steve Ham in front of the Good Samaritan auditorium in San Marcos

Sometimes we underestimate the impact that the philosophies of evolution are having all over the earth. Our Answers Worldwide team—Joe Owen and Steve Fazekas—just returned with me from San Marcos de Colón in Honduras, where we completed four days of exciting ministry. When we arrived, we really did not know what to expect. San Marcos de Colón is right near the border between Honduras and Nicaragua and is the location of the Good Samaritan Baptist Mission. The ministry, originally founded by Bob and Joan Tyson, has done phenomenal work. We met many men who had come to know Christ both from Nicaragua and Honduras because of the faithful preaching of the gospel through Bob, Joan, and others in the ministry. Good Samaritan ministry has a Bible institute, a Christian school, a child sponsorship program, a food kitchen for the elderly, and more. It was a great privilege to serve in this ministry for a few days with Bob and Joan’s son Steve and granddaughter Stephanie.

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