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Have you ever been asked, “Why does creation matter in today’s world?” Did you have an answer? Do you know why you should care about the genetics of Adam and Eve? Do you know where the idea of millions of …

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Starting the School Year Right!

Old Suwanee Christian School

Many Christian schools wait a few months before allowing any field trips, and usually the big trips are in the spring; but we had a great visit this past week from Old Suwanee Christian School of Buford, GA.  Two buses …

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Zip Line Upgrade

Mike Holder of Historic Banning Mills has brought a crew up this week and is in the process of converting our course over to new equipment called Vertical Vantage, which is the safest, most convenient, and easiest product on the …

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Improvements Continue

Grand Plaza renovation

We are starting the second phase of the beautification of the Grand Plaza now that peak season is winding down and we can work around the entrance and egress of the museum without as many complications. In June, we finished …

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A Skull Encounter

Allosaur skull

Many of you surely have seen all the attention the Creation Museum has received this year after one of the biggest and best-preserved allosaur fossils went on display in the Flood Geology area.

Known as Ebenezer, the skull of this …

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Dinosaurs at the Creation Museum


With over two dozen dinosaur models at the Creation Museum, there are many photo opportunities for our guests! Probably the most popular for families and groups is the Saltasaurus that is located in the Grand Plaza out front.

The next …

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Educational Opportunities at the Creation Museum

August is the month that parents and kids start thinking about going back to school. School supplies are purchased and thinking caps are about to be put back in place. At the Creation Museum, Answers in Genesis (AiG) seeks to …

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Thinking of Christmas

Christmas Town Lights

Around the Creation Museum, it is never too early to think about Christmas—especially since we have been hosting our free Christmas event called Christmas Town every in December and see upwards of 20,000+ people over an eight-night period.  This year’s …

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STEM Camp at the Creation Museum

Camp Infinity

Recently The Cincinnati Enquirer published an article titled, “Cultivating STEM talent: ‘You have to grow them.’”  The article told about the challenge of not only getting kids with a passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), but also keeping …

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Kudos for Our Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo

Many of our guests take a pleasant stroll through our botanical gardens and end up visiting our petting zoo. Adults and children alike enjoy petting and feeding the various animals and getting their pictures taken with them. A real …

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