There’s Still Time to Register for Answers for Pastors!

Dr. Al Mohler

Christian leaders and educators, if you register for our fifth annual Answers for Pastors conference by Thursday, July 31, you can still take advantage of the special “early bird” discount!

As our church leaders proclaim biblical truths, some people are …

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Secularists Make Great Publicists for Us

Sometimes I think we should be paying atheists to be our publicists! Sure they often distort, misquote, misrepresent, and tell outright untruths about us. But they can be so creative in their writings, that, as they make up stories about …

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Intolerant Secularists to Protest AiG Conference

Well, the intolerant secularists are at it again. They are organizing a protest of the AiG Mega Conference in Costa Mesa, California. But this is a private conference, held on private property, and nobody is being forced to attend. Yet …

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Huffington Post Admits Its Site Was Always Meant to Be Fiction

Well, the HuffPost didn’t actually say that. But I’m using the same kind of logic and headline grabber one of its writers used in responding to an article I wrote recently!

Yesterday, I was intrigued when my Google alerts brought …

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Public Challenge to Yahoo to Retract

Update on the Yahoo Attack on the Creation Museum:

We want to thank our supporters for contacting to express their displeasure over a libelous comment about the Creation Museum. On Thursday, Yahoo posted an article that alleged our museum …

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Answers in Exodus?

I’m being asked by supporters if I would comment on the upcoming film Exodus: Gods and Kings, scheduled to be released on December 12. It’s a film about Moses with the title role played by well-known actor Christian Bale (of …

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“We’ll find a new earth within 20 years”

Update: Since secularists and some media outlets have been falsely accusing me of saying space aliens are going to hell as a result of this post, please read my response here.

I’m shocked at the countless hundreds of millions …

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BBC Staff Told Not to Represent “Marginal Views” on Science Programs

First the United Kingdom bans the teaching of creation in schools, and now the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Trust prevents BBC journalists from fairly representing views on its science programs. According to a recent report in the UK’s Telegraph

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Loss of Religious Freedom in the USA

I have been saying for years that the topics of creation, evolution, and the age of earth all relate to an authority issue: who is the ultimate authority in this world, God or man?  It’s the battle that has …

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The Fugitive for Faith—The New Film Persecuted

Some AiG supporters have been asking if we would be commenting on a film that releases nationwide this afternoon titled Persecuted. One of our staff members saw a preview of Persecuted last night, and has filled me in on it.…

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