Religious Freedom Disappearing in the Western World

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been highlighting the threat to religious freedom going on in the United States as our culture continues to decline. In the name of “tolerance” (really, an intolerance to biblical values and absolutes), the day …

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Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

As I am visiting my native country of Australia, I know that millions of Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving today. Several thousand miles away, I was so encouraged to learn that our AiG staff had celebrated this special time of year …

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The Fight for Biblical Marriage

The battle over whether to legalize gay “marriage” continues to rage across America. Thankfully, in a recent decision, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Michigan have all upheld the marriage ban against same-sex marriages.

A Victory For Christianity?

Most …

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More Than Half of Americans Believe the Bible Is Inaccurate

When Christians see alarming numbers of Americans openly—even enthusiastically—embracing completely anti-biblical teachings such as abortion, homosexual behavior, and evolution, they wonder how our culture (and the church) has gotten so far from its biblical foundation. Well, the results of a …

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President Obama—Inciting Young People to Adopt a Secular Worldview?

It was my mother’s pastor who brought the following item to my attention. I attended church on Sunday with my mother in Brisbane, Australia, and the pastor’s sermon mentioned a speech given by President Obama in Australia a few days …

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“Change Is Always One Generation Away”

Will religion be gone in just one generation? Well, according to Lawrence Krauss, it could be. Krauss (a professor at Arizona State University), an atheist known for fighting aggressively against any religion except his own atheistic one (he actively …

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“There Is No Climate Crisis”

The co-founder of the Weather Channel caused quite the stir when he wrote that “there is no climate crisis . . . the science is not valid.”

After being rejected to present the other side of climate change at a …

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Will California Church Employees Be Forced to Pay for Abortions?

Church employees in California are next on the list of Christians facing attacks on their religious freedom here in the United States. AiG has written several blogs and articles recently on that very topic; we are noticing that the battle …

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“That Guy”

Well, I’m “That Guy” again!

Is Bill Nye (TV’s “the Science Guy”) so afraid of us that he can’t utter my name? He has done a number of TV interviews lately, and he just won’t mention my name when he’s …

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Climate Change and Aliens?

What do climate change, evolution, and aliens have in common? Well, according to comments by the author of a study reported in Christian Today, evangelicals are hesitant to embrace science because we (supposedly) deny all these things. But is …

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