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From a Lunch Plate to a Museum Exhibit

Several years ago, the Creation Museum had the privilege of acquiring a vast shell collection. We sent a couple of staff members to Florida to carefully package the collection and transport it back. Since that time, we have spent an …

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World-Class Dinosaur Donated to the Creation Museum

[Editor’s note: This is a slightly adapted version of a news release that is being circulated to the U.S. media today.]

Creation Museum to Use Impressive Allosaur to Proclaim Genesis, not Evolution

PETERSBURG, Ky., Oct. 18, 2013 — The …

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Extra Special Announcement

It’s “Back to School Survival Days” at the
Creation Museum, the Entire Month of August!

  • Special “back-to-school” speaker presentations every weekday
  • Special half-price admission all month long (with coupon below)*
  • Special 10% discount on books, DVDs, food, planetarium shows, and

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