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2011 in Review

With the New Year approaching soon, I thought it would be fun and helpful to look back at the blogs I’ve written over the last year. It’s hard for me to believe I’ve written 100+ blogs over the last 12 …

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“Why We Don’t Need Women’s Ministry” or Do We?

A friend sent me an article entitled, “Why We Don’t Need ‘Women’s’ Ministry.” Of course the title intrigued me since I direct the Answers for Women ministry at AiG! As I read the article, I realized the point the author …

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O Holy Night

One of my favorite Christmas songs is O Holy Night.  It evokes so much emotion in me that I struggle to make it through the song without crying. Read the words of the first verse:

O holy night! The stars

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“Where’s the Line to See Jesus?”

A few weeks ago, a friend sent me a link to a YouTube video of a Christmas song called, “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?” A man wrote the song after an experience with his grandson:

While at the mall

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Why People Are Atheists and Why the Answers in Genesis Ministry Is So Important—Part 2

Continuing on my blog post from Tuesday, below are some excerpts from atheists explaining the difficulty they had with explanations about Genesis and answers to their questions about the Bible from church leadership.

Matthew Donica posted:

I was born into

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Why People Are Atheists and Why the Answers in Genesis Ministry Is So Important—Part 1

Famed atheist PZ Myers has had a series of recent posts on his blogs written by people explaining why they became atheists. I’d like to share with you several excerpts from those posts this week to highlight the importance of …

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Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood

A few months ago I gave a presentation at AiG’s Mega Conference entitled, “Eugenics and Planned Parenthood: Past, Present, and Future.” I documented the foundation upon which Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood—eugenics (meaning well-born) and evolution. Sanger stated, …

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Church Hymn Incorporates Evolution

I was browsing through several blogs yesterday and came across a scientist (and evolutionist) “praising” a hymn she had recently sung at a United Church of Christ. Of course, if an evolutionist is going to praise a hymn, it piques …

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Ark Kinds Research—Is It Scientifically Rigorous?

A few weeks ago, a group of creation scientists (including myself!) published an article in Answers Research Journal entitled, “Determining the Ark Kinds.” As we state in the abstract, “. . . a research effort has been initiated …

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