A Day of Rest

Our third day in France was scheduled to be another day of sightseeing, but the Lord had a different plan. We woke up to a terrible storm. The wind was so strong that the Eiffel Tower was closed. We later heard that over 40 people in France died that day due to the storm. So, Mike worked on his presentations for the UK and we rested—and we ate. Boy, did we eat. The hotel had a room that served meals all day long for people like us who travel all the time. We enjoyed the French food in a relaxed way and had conversations with three different people during the day.

First, we met a couple from Scotland and we chatted about where we would be in Scotland on our trip, the weather, and their children. Then we challenged them about their relationship with their Creator. They listened but did not say too much. Next, we met a very attractive, well-dressed young woman from New York City. She was in Paris on business. After some conversation about places we had both been, we talked to her about the impossibility of evolution—especially in the area of the orgin of life and DNA. She was genuinely interested and was considering what we said. I finally said, “It doesn’t matter how successful or wealthy you become in this life. Each of us will breathe our last breath and enter into eternity. You have no idea when that will be.” Mike did what he often does—he gave her a homework assignment to read the books of John and I John. She got a phone call and said she had to leave for a few minutes but would be back.

She returned with a colleague who was a young man from Boston. She had told him of our conversation. We talked to him for a bit and then they had to go to a meeting. We prayed that our words would be fruitful. Well, the next morning we were walking through the lobby and there—all by himself—sat the young man from Boston. We were able to share the gospel with him, and praised God that we had had a day of rest and the opportunity to meet these people at our hotel.

On the next blog, I will share with you our trip to London and the beginning of our time in the UK. Thanks for reading.