Teacher Training and a Full Schedule in Spokane, Washington

I am going to take a day off blogs about the UK tour to tell you about our time in Spokane, Washington. Mike taught a full day of Teacher Training on Saturday, March 20, at Turning Point Open Bible Church. We had a class of 40 with 8 observers. The class was organized by Pastor Brad Goeman, and we send our thanks to him.

Teacher Training in Spokane

Who could have guessed that it would fall on the same day as the Gonzaga men’s basketball game in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Gongaza is a small school very close to the church, and the game was in Spokane. Here is a picture of Brad paying attention to Mike, but keeping up with the score.

Brad Goeman checking the basketball game score

We even had a family that drove down from Canada and stayed in their trailer so they could attend the entire weekend. Dr. Tom Davidson (PhD, Soil Chemistry), a longtime friend of ours and of Answers in Genesis, came from Idaho, and several others traveled to get this teaching. One special man, David Losey, is a member of Turning Point Church. He has taken youth from his church to the Creation Museum more than once, and is planning another trip. So many who live close to the Creation Museum say, “I just have not gotten around to coming yet.” David has made the journey across the nation just to bring youth. Thanks, David, for your dedication.

On Sunday, March 21, Mike spoke at this exciting church at 9:30 a.m. and for youth at 11:00. Pastor Monte LeLaCheur and his famous gymnast wife, Amy Jo, took us to lunch after church. They made us feel so welcomed. Amy Jo made the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team in 1980. Unfortunately, that was the year it was in Moscow and President Carter boycotted the Olympics. We were excited because our granddaughters are gymnasts.

Mike at the evening service

Mike spoke again on Sunday evening and twice on Monday evening. There was a “hard-core” evolutionist who came to all of the talks and brought several youth with him. He debated Mike after each session, but would never answer Mike’s questions. He accused all Creationists of lying. Finally, after the last session, he answered Mike’s question, “Why is lying wrong?” His answer was, “It’s my opinion.” There was always a large group of people listening, and they understood the meaning of his answer. Many of them remarked that they learned a lot just by observing the exchange.