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Is the Debate Really Over?

“The debate is over,” says Dr. Hugh Ross. So reported the website of Hamilton Strategies (HS) in October 2014.

Renowned astronomer and Reasons to Believe founder Dr. Hugh Ross made a bold claim at Southern Evangelical Seminary’s (SES, recent

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Professing Christians Encourage Immorality in the Church

Here’s more evidence of this country’s plunge into the moral abyss, including in the professing Christian church.

A conference is coming up in November 2014 to promote the acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (and surely other) forms of …

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Millard Erickson—Failing to Do His Homework on Creation

Dr. Millard Erickson is one of the greatest evangelical theologians of our generation. In 2013, Erickson published the third edition of his book titled Christian Theology, which is widely used as a textbook in seminaries and Bible colleges in …

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Regarding My Academic Training

Right after the Bill Nye-Ken Ham debate on February 4, 2014, I received some condescending communications from opponents, calling into question my academic training, especially my PhD. Since this is not the first time this has happened, I decided that …

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A Code of Ethics for the American Atheists

Over the years the American Atheists have been having some serious problems with social behavior at their national convention. So they have developed a code of conduct for the 2014 conference. It is interesting to observe the things they tolerate …

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Global Warming and the Totalitarian Scientific Inquisition

An enlightening July 20th blog on global warming by Melanie Phillips, a British journalist, reveals inadvertently what creationists are up against in the battle for truth over the question of origins. I’ve interspersed comments about creation and evolution into her …

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Dr. Mohler, BioLogos, and Respect from Evolutionists

Here’s an enlightening article on the problem of trying to be acceptable to and respected by the scientific establishment (which is controlled by atheist evolutionists):

Dr. Mohler (president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is absolutely right. Compromise with …

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Pentecostal Views on Origins

Recently I came across a web article by a biology professor and a chemistry professor from an Assembly of God university. They gave a “Brief Overview of Pentecostal Views on Origins.” Several things in the article are worthy of comment.…

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Old-earth Geology Refuted

I would like to draw your attention to two new resources dealing with the age of the earth.

One is an article by John Reed (PhD, geology, and a ruling elder in a Presbyterian church) in response to the old-earth …

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Atheists Stand on the Bible

The enemies of Christianity will pervert anything we do: Isn’t it remarkable that they can hate so much someone whom they don’t believe exists, and be so vehement that we Christians are wrong even though they insist there …

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