Winter Wonderland!

“Have you entered the treasury of snow” (Job 38:22)

As more snow is forecast today for our Cincinnati/northern Kentucky area, I thought you would enjoy seeing photographs taken at the Creation Museum after a snowfall this past week. We don’t get a lot of snow here, but when we do, it does make the Creation Museum grounds quite picturesque. Enjoy these photographs taken by AiG photographer Deb Minnard:

snow pano 4A

DSC_3315_6_7 DSC_3249_50_51 DSC_3210_1_2

DSC_3150_1_2 DSC_3141_2_3 DSC_3120_1_2

DSC_3111_2_3 DSC_3099_100_101 DSC_3048_49_50

DSC_3030_1_2 DSC_2937_8_9 DSC_2910_1_2


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